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Why Choose Us
We cater to your specific requests.

We adapt to fit the needs of each job, and accommodate your specific requests in order to ensure complete satisfaction. We won't stop if it's a difficult job or time consuming, we only stop once the job is completed, and you, our customer, are satisfied with the quality of our technician's work.

We color code our cleaning cloths.

To ensure that there is no cross contamination, we use color coded cloths. For example, green is for dusting; blue is for sinks and countertops; orange is for toilets; and yellow is for glass and mirrors. This way we ease our minds and yours of the likelihood that your phone was cleaned with a toilet rag!

We complete Quality Assurance Inspections

The manager of Maid for Today assigned to your location will conduct random, quality control inspections on a regular basis. In addition, we use CleanTelligent Software. This software allows us to easily record and submit inspection reports to members of our team and to representatives of our clients’ companies. Maid for Today will provide client access to view and monitor the progress of the overall cleaning of the facility or specific job requests.

Please ask us for our reference list.